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Rock Fracturing Test With Oxygen Lance
Rock Fracturing Test With Oxygen Lance

The consultant carried out a study on non-conventional rock fracturing methods for the huge underground copper mine Andina of CODELCO. Andina plans to further mechanise its current block caving mining method by introducing a “system of continuous extraction” from the draw points, through ore-passes to the main transport level, but some rock boulders reach volumes up to 3 m³ and therefore block up and clog the extraction points which requires dangerous secondary blasting. A consortium of MC and Geoexploraciones consultants investigated methods that allow the reduction in size of these blocks without evacuating the operation area and without the interruption of the extraction system to assure a continuous mining operation.

Monitoring of Mine Water Contaminants
Monitoring of Mine Water Contaminants

The Consultant’s hydrogeology team was part of a multi-national research group that worked on the optimisation of mine water discharge by monitoring and modelling geochemical processes and the development of measures to protect aquifers and active mining areas from mine water contamination. Work package 1 "Optimization of mine water discharge" was coordinated by DMT. This package of the research work consisted of modelling the relevant geochemical processes and on-line monitoring of the recovering mine water to provide input data, calibration and validation tools for the geochemical model.



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