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Democratic Republic of the Congo:
Commissioned by the World Bank to audit the current legal, financial and technical state of this company and subsequently to recommend a course of action to improve the position of Gécamines.

The Mutún Iron Ore Deposit
The Mutún Iron Ore Deposit

Provided assistance to the government of Bolivia for the privatisation of the Mutún iron ore mine. The consultant worked out the strategy for the privatisation process, prepared a technical information memorandum and a data room for interested bidders and prepared the public tender documents for the bidding process.

Commissioned to prepare an analysis of the market for 95% TiO2 natural rutile and the competition from other titanium feedstocks, particularly upgraded slag (UGS), synthetic rutile (SR) and chloride grade slag, as part of a technical and financial evaluation of re-opening the Sierra Rutile Limited (SRL) operation in Sierra Leone.

Assessment of gemstone availability in order to support an application to the Centre for Industrial Development, for assistance in establishing a lapidary.  Equipment needs were specified and markets assessed for the intended products.

Local Village Meeting Point, India – Source IMC
Local Village Meeting Point, India – Source IMC

India: (Design of Model Framework)
Carried out an examination of the existing framework and procedures within which the industry operates, as well as those of other coal sectors worldwide.

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International Mining Consultant

Strategic Development & Restructuring

IMC has carried out a wide range of restructuring projects and organisational studies in the coal and non‑coal sectorsThese have invariably included detailed consideration of technical proposals and changes to management structure, as well as substantial financial restructuring. Some recent examples of the consultant’s experience in this sector are as follows:

Carrying out studies contributing to the reform of the energy sector in Serbia through the restructuring of its underground coal mines financed by the European Agency for Reconstruction. The task included a market survey for coal, technical and economic analysis of underground mines with cost estimates for restructuring and closure plan for non viable coal mines including social mitigation measures and their related costs.

Prepared a study financed by the European Development Fund to evaluate the institutions in charge of the mining sector in the Republic of Senegal, to determine current strengths and weaknesses with regard to their functions, and to point out administrative requirements and develop relevant guidelines to satisfy needs in the future.

Southern Africa: 
Selected to undertake an assessment of market opportunities for UK CCT in Southern Africa on behalf of the UK Department of Trade and Industry. The Project involved undertaking a number of discussions with government departments, private companies and research organisations.

Upper Silesia
Upper Silesia

Contracted by the World Bank to assess six underground coal mines in Upper Silesia with regard to opportunities for improvement of efficiency, optimisation of organisation and manpower, reduction of operating costs. The mines were investigated in terms of reserves, mining technology, infrastructure u/g, development, coal preparation plant and surface facilities, environmental issues and employment structure, and recommendations for technical and organisational changes were made.

Dominican Republic:
Appointed by the Delegation of the EU Commission in Santo Domingo to carry out a final evaluation of the SYSMIN 1 program, by which the EU had provided €23 M between 1994 and 2004 to sponsor the development of the country’s mining industry. Carried out an analysis of the relevance of the program which consisted of 16 projects, the efficiency of execution and if the objectives of the program were achieved.

United Kingdom: 
Invited by Trade Partners UK (TPUK) to undertake a study into the strength, depth and capability of the UK Mineral Preparation Industry for the purpose of assessing potential governmental export support.

Visit of Bolivian Small Scale Mine
Visit of Bolivian Small Scale Mine

Conducted a mission for the EU to elaborate the financial proposal and scope of work for a second phase of the APEMIN program, funded by EuropeAid to enhance the sustainable development in the traditional, depressed mining areas in Western Bolivia and to reduce migration of workers to areas of cocoa leave plantations.