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United Arab Emirates:
Completed the design of a limestone quarry which entered production in early 2004.  The design included recommendations for mining equipment, crushing and screening and haul road layout.

Carried out a conceptual design on a “red mud” disposal system in Venezuela.

Involved throughout all aspects of the evolution of the Maghara Coal Mine, including detailed design and engineering, especially with equipment procurement, inspection, testing, installation and commissioning at the mine.  Also developed and conducted a comprehensive training programme covering management and operator personnel.

The Abu Tartur Phosphate Project was initially developed in association with Soviet technical assistance during the 1970s.  The consultant provided project management services, in association with Sofremines, to complete construction of the surface facilities and the development of the first longwall face. 

Provided a specialist resident team to assist in all aspects of procurement activities for a budget of US$2 billion for 25 mines, across 5 regional coalfield companies, under the Coal Sector Rehabilitation Project (CSRP). The Project presented tremendous challenges in terms of sourcing exceptionally large volumes of equipment and delivery logistics.  Procurement procedures were governed by World Bank Guidelines as a substantial component of the budget was provided by the IBRD.  A core team was established with Coal India Limited (CIL).  The consultant's responsibilities included training and development of the CIL staff, development of procurement procedures and liaison with the IBRD.

Undertook a review of the design guidelines adopted for the extension in depth of the current mine workings of the Fazenda Brasileiro gold mine. There was also a requirement to evaluate the design of the primary development, infrastructure and stoping method being utilised for the medium term business plan.

Provided management and technical assistance to the Ministry of Industry in relation to the Abu Tartur Phosphate Mine which has a planned production of 4Mtpa of run-of mine product. 

Carried out a survey of ten sulphuric acid tanks on the Mitrovica Industrial Park in Kosovo.  The assessment included a thickness survey of the tank fabric, an assessment of the condition of the tank foundations and a sampling of the tank contents.  The project was carried out as assistance to UNMIK on a sub-contract to an environment clean-up contractor.

Coal Adit, Karakoram Himalayas
Coal Adit, Karakoram Himalayas

Northern Pakistan:
Carried out a geological survey to provide immediate recommendations for mining and technical assistance on geo-hazards and geotechnical engineering. The project was carried out in conjunction with the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP).

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International Mining Consultants

Procurement, Project Implementation & Operational Assistance

Throughout the Company’s long involvement with the international mining industry, IMC has built up an exceptional and unique procurement capability associated with major mine development projects on a world-wide basis.  This service covers plant, equipment and mine development and operation.  The consultant has no limitation of scale with projects ranging in value from $10,000 to $1,000,000,000. The in-house multi-disciplinary capability supports tendering, contract negotiation, expediting, works inspection and pre-shipment activities.

IMC's long association with many banks, International Financing Institutions, aid agencies and credit risk organisations also provides a special conduit to assist client's with the establishment of credit facilities.

IMC's procurement services extend to the specification and establishment of whole mine inventory control systems.

IMC was jointly engaged by NAMNAM and MGMCL, the design and construction contractor and the mine owner respectively, to resolve a number of disputed items in the capacity of sole expert; the objective being to effect contract closure.

Tabas Coal Mine
Tabas Coal Mine

The consultant has been involved in the Tabas Coal Mine project since its inception as a project in 1992. As part of the overall scope of work for the design and construction of the mine, responsibilities included all mine equipment specification, bid documentation, selection of preferred bidders and expediting manufacture. The scope of works was extended to include installation and acceptance testing.

Cerratepe Project, Turkey
Cerratepe Project, Turkey

Appointed by Çayeli Bakır İşletmeleri A.Ş to carry out complete EPCM services to develop its “Cerattepe Copper Property” located  in the Artvin province approximately 100 km south east of Çayeli, until start-up of commercial operations. The project comprises of a small underground mine accessed via a portal, an aerial ropeway facility for ore, backfill aggregates and cement, and related surface facilities and infrastructure.




The consultant acted as technical representative (mine engineering) for a major international company of insurance loss adjusters, with reference to the assessment and settlement of insurance claims caused by a coal mine fire with subsequent flooding of the mine. The settlement claim included property damage, business interruption; mine rescue and restart costs for a coal mine located in the arctic circle producing over 3 million tonnes of coal per year.

Undertook an appraisal, basic design and specification of major equipment of a new underground coal mine.  The project benefited from the extensive experience of the consultant's staff in Iran and other countries utilising mining technology which was considered most appropriate to the mining conditions and to the requirements of the Client,  IMPASCO.  Following basic design, the consultant prepared detailed tender documentation for mine construction and development and have subsequently provided specialist expertise to manage the tender process and conduct tender evaluations.

Road Heading Machine Paurat T4.31
Road Heading Machine Paurat T4.31

Engaged to inspect a road heading machine for Wirth GmbH which had been working for two years in a potash mine in Spain. After returning the machine to the supplier several serious damages were detected. The consultant gave an expert opinion as to which of the damages were not caused by normal wear, considering the working conditions and work load at the mine.

Democratic Republic of Congo: 
Advising a private mining company in the DRC on the development and rationalisation of their mining operation and have compiled a business plan to attract foreign investment in order to expand their operations. Assistance has also been provided with specialist procurement in relation to equipment and new process plant.

Invited to review the initial proposals for a backfill operation for a copper mine in Albania. A site visit was undertaken at the mine which was developing a number of adits or galleries to be interconnected with an internal ramp. 

Bucket wheel excavator
Bucket wheel excavator

Retained by the European Agency for Reconstruction to prepare tender documents and technical specifications for a bucket wheel excavator / spreader combination with an annual capacity of 12 million bank cubic metres for the Tamnava opencast mine near Belgrade, to be financed by the EU, and to carry out evaluation of the proposals.

Supported the management of an Fe / Mn open pit mine in Central Kazakhstan to investigate options for a long term development strategy for the company, to evaluate options to stabilise and to expand its operations, and to develop detailed future mine plans. The contract included continuous management assistance on site and a position in the Company’s Board of Directors.

The consultant is providing long-term specialist assistance to BCL in the specification and procurement of equipment as part of their continued operation until the exhaustion of the mineable reserves.

Provided assistance to the Botswana base metal industry to enable mining employment in the region to be maintained until the Ministry could develop alternative activities.