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Training at Ranchi, India – Source IMC
Training at Ranchi, India – Source IMC

India: (Review and Strengthening of CMPDI’s Mine Planning and Design Capability)
Review of the technical, administrative and management activities of CMPDI.  The study included geological exploration and modelling, open pit mine planning and scheduling, open pit mining operations, underground mine planning, major project design and management information technology.

South Africa: (Safety in Mines Research & Advisory Committee)
Risk analysis and assessment of vertical and inclined small winder systems and associated peripheral activities on gold and platinum mines.

Zambia:(Study of Mining Sector Policy, Organisation Structure and Staffing)
Technical assistance programme to cover a detailed review of mining policy and associated legislation and an organisational and administrative study of Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development.  Additional aspects included a study of the small-scale mining sector, the setting up of a mineral occurrence and licensing and leasing database, installing a gold assay laboratory and publishing geoscience maps.