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IMC is an international consultancy and offers a broad spectrum of services in the environmental, mining, minerals, engineering and energy industries world wide, and is a recognised world leader in its field. IMC has been in continuous existence since the date of its incorporation in 1947. IMC has worked in more than 150 countries, and undertakes assignments in over 25 countries in a typical year.

In 2006, IMC was purchased by Deutsche Montan Technologie GmbH (DMT) of Germany. DMT subsequently merged its own consultancy, Montan Consulting (MC), into IMC as IMC-Montan Consulting GmbH, thus allowing IMC to lead the international consultancy business for DMT.

In February 2009, IMC acquired a majority share in SRG Services and Consultancy Private Limited. SRG is a growing geological, mining and environmental consultancy based in Kolkata and Bangalore, India. SRG is especially known for its capabilities in geological modelling, mine planning and resource valuation, and has established itself as a premier, independent mining consultancy organisation within India. SRG has also developed international experience by providing consulting services in various countries such as Indonesia, Turkey, Guinea, Iran, Kazakhstan, Oman, Mexico, DR Congo, Mozambique, Morocco, Liberia and the UK.

IMCís typical clients include a range of merchant banks, private mining companies, aid agencies, international government bodies, lawyers, insurers and major financing institutions such as the World Bank, DFID, TACIS, UN, PHARE, ADB, EBRD and NGO's. IMC has undertaken competent personís reports, due diligence, financial analyses, bankable documents, support to investors, institutional strengthening, mineral exploration, mining engineering, geological and environmental remediation projects at all levels from very small operations through to multidisciplinary and multinational operations in developing countries, and in the developed world.

IMCís headquarters are in Nottinghamshire, UK with other offices in London and Essen, Germany and associate companies in Russia and South Africa. Our teams are highly decentralised through a network of main project offices and are working on a number of assignments at any one time. IMC also forms collaborations with local companies in countries where work volumes have reached critical mass and offers economic advantage to our clients.



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